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Portable Vaporizer - French Touch Vaporizer (FTV)

Portable Vaporizer

The portable vaporizer is the best solution to vaporize your dry herbs in complete freedom.

Indeed, the portable vaporizer does not connect to the mains and can therefore be used wherever and whenever you want on the move.

So, which portable vaporizer to buy?

How to choose the best portable vaporizer?

There are therefore several types of portable vaporizers with a completely different operation.

Portable vaporizer with temperature control

These vaporizers generally operate with one or two fixed or removable batteries.

They usually have a thermostat that allows you to know at any time the vaporization temperature at which your plant is heated.

This system is simple, practical, accurate and efficient but be careful because many vaporizers of this type are very poor!

Don't worry because at French Touch Vaporizer we will only select the best portable vaporizers for you.

Manual portable vaporizer

The hand-held hand-heated vaporizer usually works with a lighter or battery.

The principle is that the user applies the heating manually himself.

Although more technical, this heating system allows vaporization on demand (on demand or puff by puff).

Here too, beware, because we will also find the best (Dynavap, Firefly 2, Splinter Z) and unfortunately also the worst (smoke bubble).

The manual vaporizer is not necessarily suitable for everyone because it is on average more difficult to control and master but there are fantastic models that are perfectly complementary for a second purchase.

Stop smoking with a vaporizer

In summary, the portable vaporizer is certainly the easiest and most effective way to stop combustion since it heats up quickly and can be used anywhere with either...

You just have to be sure to choose a vaporizer with sufficient autonomy according to your needs!

Good vapes!

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Metal stand/base Mighty - FTV
This aluminum stand or metal base is designed to allow the Mighty vaporizer to stand upright in a stable way!This base has a space to connect the Mighty to its mains charger.The metal finish of this stand and its weight are a perfect match for our stainless steel cooling unit!
€16.24 Price
Bubbler Kit Mighty/Crafty - FTV
Portable Mighty/Crafty bubbler kit to filter and cool the steam in your vaporizer !Indeed, the warmer the steam is, the more irritating it will be to the respiratory tract, which prevents us from appreciating its flavours to their full potential...Glass bubbler supplied with its SG 14 adapter.
€41.58 Price
Mini Bubbler Mighty/Crafty - FTV
Mini Bubbler Crafty/Mighty is a French Touch Vaporizer accessory for the Crafty and Mighty vaporizers.This mini Bubbler attaches to your vaporizer instead of its cooling unit to cool and filter the steam!The result will be softer and more aromatic, thanks in particular to the purity of the glass.
€20.75 Price