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The Mighty vaporizer is nothing more than the reference in portable vaporization !

Indeed, this technological gem is unequalled in terms of volume and vapour density, with an exceptional taste as a bonus.

In addition, the Mighty from Storz and Bickel is a robust, super reliable, temperature accurate device with an incomparable German design.

Der Mighty, Das Vaporizer !

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Mighty vaporizer, the reference !

For almost 20 years now, with the release of the Volcano Classic lounge spray, Storz and Bickel has been the undisputed leader in the spray market !

Indeed, with four lounge vaporizers (the Volcano Classic, the Volcano Digit, the Volcano Hybrid and the Plenty) as well as two portable vaporizers (the Crafty and the Mighty), the manufacturer has largely met their customers' expectations...

Because each of these vaporizers have been and still are a commercial success, thanks to their performance and reliability without limits !

Thus, the German manufacturer's reputation is well established, as is that of their products, including the Mighty, which is considered the best portable electronic vaporizer on the market.


Pleasure and risk prevention with French Touch Vaporizer

The Mighty vaporizer is ideal for practising phytotherapy with all possible plants, thanks to its wide temperature range adjustable to the degree and its impeccable design with quality materials.

However, it also remains the best possible choice for recreational use, simply for the pleasure of enjoying your plants to their fullest potential !

Mighty: characteristics

- Hybrid convection/conduction efficient hybrid heating system
- Soft and fresh steam thanks to the cooling system
- Easy to operate with only 3 buttons
- Large solid LED display
- Vibration signals (when the temperature is reached and before going into standby)
- Extended battery life of 1h30 with two fixed batteries
- Standby after two minutes (to preserve the battery in case of forgetfulness)
- Supplied with a filling aid tool

Mighty with hybrid convection-conduction heating

The Mighty portable vaporizer is equipped with a hybrid convection and conduction heating system.

Convection heating involves a flow of hot air through the plant to extract the active ingredients in the form of steam, while in the case of conduction, the plant is in direct contact with the heating element.

Thus, the walls of the Mighty's vaporization chamber provide conduction heating to quickly generate steam, while the user's inhalation initiates convection heating to produce even more steam !


Efficient cooling unit

In general, we can consider that the hotter the steam, the less pleasant it is to inhale because it can be irritating and cause coughing...

In addition, it will be more difficult to appreciate the flavours !

It is therefore advisable to cool this steam by extending the path it travels between the spray chamber and the user's mouth.

Fortunately, the brilliant engineers at Storz have thought of everything, and have designed an efficient cooling unit for the Mighty !

Thus, the steam passes through the said unit in order to be filtered from the microparticles it may contain and to be cooled...

The result is quite satisfactory, congratulations Storz and Bickel !


Observe the Mighty's thermal radio on below, you can see that the heat is efficiently dissipated !

mighty refroidissement cooler

Quite big, but light!

We sometimes hear from Mighty that he is a little big for a nomadic use...

There are indeed smaller devices, but whose performance is much lower !

Indeed, the smaller and more compact a vaporizer is, the more it will tend to overheat on hand and deliver a hot and irritating vapor !

Moreover, these devices are far from producing as much steam as the Mighty, and their manufacturing materials are far from being of the same quality...

Thus, the Mighty's batteries, electronics, heating system and cooling unit are all separated by air spaces to avoid heat inertia.

In addition, the passage of air and steam is therefore perfectly isolated from the electronics, ensuring that your health is respected !

Finally, we can say that the Mighty is a little big but still light, which makes it a very good travel companion due to its unparalleled performance.

The Mighty pack includes :

- 1* Mighty Spray
- 1* Mains power supply
- 1* Drop pad
- 3* Spare grids
- 1* Cleaning brush
- 1* Grinder orange Storz and Bickel
- 1* Filling aid accessory
- 1* Spare gasket kit
- 1* Operating instructions

Mighty is guaranteed 2 years by the manufacturer !

Dimensions: 14cm * 8cm * 8cm * 3cm

Weight: 230 Gr


To conclude :

At French Touch Vaporizer, we love vaporization and we think the Mighty is the perfect way to do it !

Indeed, no other portable electronic vaporizer will be as effective, reliable and robust...

If you have the budget, don't hesitate and offer yourself the best.

Your lungs will give it back to you a hundredfold !

Good vapes !!

Any questions about the Mighty? Contact us 7 days a week on +336 51 39 54 28 !

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