Metal stand/base Mighty - FTV


This aluminum stand or metal base is designed to allow the Mighty vaporizer to stand upright in a stable way!

This base has a space to connect the Mighty to its mains charger.

The metal finish of this stand and its weight are a perfect match for our stainless steel cooling unit!

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Metal stand or Mighty aluminium base

This stand or stand allows you to hold your Mighty vaporizer upright (or vertical) in a stable way so it doesn't break your face!

Solid base with charging placement for Mighty

This aluminium base is extremely solid!

On the other hand, it adds 49 grams to the Mighty's weight, but since it is a more useful accessory in the home than outdoors, this detail can be considered secondary.

In addition, since metal is stronger than plastic, it is possible to slightly plane the plastic growth under the screen of our Mighty during the first use, which will not happen again later.

This will obviously have no impact on the technical functioning of the vaporizer, and can hardly be seen with the naked eye, but we had to tell you anyway!

Note that this stand is equipped with a slot to connect the Mighty to its mains charger!

A Mighty-Cop look?

With our stainless steel cooling unit and this aluminium stand, your Mighty will look like a real RoboCop of vaporization!

Your vaporizer then becomes a war's weapon against combustion !

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