Bubbler Adapter Mighty/Crafty - FTV


Crafty/Mighty French Touch Vaporizer (FTV) glass water chamber adapter to connect your vaporizer with a bubbler, bang or waterpipe.

Filtering the steam from your Mighty through a water chamber makes it softer and tastier!

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Bang Adapter For Crafty/Mighty FTV

This glass adapter allows you to connect your Mighty or Crafty with a water chamber, in order to filter the steam and make it softer and fresher.

Indeed, the hotter the steam, the more likely it is to irritate the user's respiratory tract !

While the fresher it is, the better we can enjoy the flavours of our plants.

Glass adapter with plastic connection

This adapter is made of glass, a noble material that best respects the aromas and active ingredients of steam.

In order to connect the adapter to the Mighty, use the plastic connection that works with the same closure system as the vaporizer cooling unit.

SG 14 and 18 available

Please choose betweeen SG 14 and SG 18 before order !

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