Mini Bubbler Mighty/Crafty - FTV


Mini Bubbler Crafty/Mighty is a French Touch Vaporizer accessory for the Crafty and Mighty vaporizers.

This mini Bubbler attaches to your vaporizer instead of its cooling unit to cool and filter the steam!

The result will be softer and more aromatic, thanks in particular to the purity of the glass.

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Mini Bubbler Crafty/Mighty FTV

Storz and Bickel's Mighty and Crafty are considered the best electronic vaporizers available on the market, and not for nothing!

Indeed, no other machine can compete in terms of steam density and volume, but also in terms of flavour rendering, precision, autonomy and robustness.

However, some regret the use of plastic in the cooling unit....

That is why it may be wise to replace it with this mini glass bubbler, for example, whose composition will respect flavours much better than plastic!

A bubbler for a fresh and tasty steam

In addition to being made of glass to offer excellent respect for the flavours of steam, this mini bubbler is equipped with a steam filtration system.

This way, the latter will be rid of any vegetable micro-particles and tar that may be present before it reaches the mouth, just like the original plastic cooling unit.

You can use this mini bubbler with water, but I find that it causes a loss of taste...

It's up to you to choose according to your requirements!

Mini bubbler with plastic clip

This mini bubbler is equipped with a plastic finned connection compatible with the Storz and Bickel closure system.

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