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Glass mouthpiece for Crafty/Mighty with steam cooling system !

Indeed, this tip is sprinkled with growths to effectively cool the steam.

Moreover, glass offers a more noble taste than plastic for example !

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Mighty/Crafty glass mouthpiece

Crafty and Mighty are considered (rightly) the best drinking vaporizers by the majority of vaporists.

Indeed, it is difficult to match the many qualities of these devices, and especially their production of dense and voluminous steam rich in aromas and active ingredients!

Nevertheless, although the invoice for the furnace and heating element is irreproachable, some regret that the cooling unit is made of plastic...

It is therefore wise to replace the latter with a bubbler, or this superb turbulated glass mouthpiece that will respect the flavours of your plants much better !

Mouthpiece with cooling pins

This long glass mouthpiece is covered with pimples or growths on which the steam will slide before being inhaled.

This system effectively cools the steam, as well as retaining any vegetable microparticles and tars that may be present in it !

In addition, this glass mouthpiece for Mighty offers a more open draft, which optimizes the Mighty's convection heating system by pulling larger clouds, which means faster extraction of the active ingredients.

It should be stressed that glass offers a much better taste than any other material !

FTV mouthpiece with plastic clip

This French Touch Vaporizer mouthpiece comes with its plastic finned closure system compatible with Mighty and Crafty !