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IH TWO FTV Auto/Portable Induction Heater Dynavap - FTV


New product

IH TWO FTV Auto/Portable is the second version of our induction heater !

This Induction Heater IH2 still allows us to use the Dynavap without a lighter, but in an automatic and portable way this time !

With the IH TWO, the vaporization of the plants is more homogeneous and optimized.

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IH TWO FTV - Dynavap Auto/Portable Induction Heater

The IH TWO FTV is our new induction driver following the success of our IH ONE.

This time, the IH TWO does not work plug on the wall, but on battery...

Moreover, the heating starts automatically when the Dynavap is detected by the IH TWO !

It should be noted that this Induction Heater offers a longer autonomy and a stronger heating than our IH GO.

In addition, although its dimensions are slightly increased, it is lighter because its case is made of plastic while the Go is made of metal.

Thus, this new IH TWO is an ideal companion on the move, whether it's an evening with friends or for a weekend, a ballad ...

All this at a price defying any competition !

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IH TWO Induction Heater auto/portable at best price !

Indeed, the IH TWO is the cheapest portable and automatic inductor on the market, with its budget of only 99€ !

Nevertheless, it is a quality and performing IH, solid with an excellent autonomy.

This IH2 works with a glass cylinder that isolates the Dynavap from the magnetic coil and the electronic components of the IH2 FTV !

Thus, the purity of the aromas and active principles of your plants as well as your health are respected to the maximum.

We can therefore say that in addition to being a quality device, the IH2 is versatile!

Finally, the automatic and wireless heating functions offer flexibility and freedom to the user.

Advantages of the Induction Heater FTV 

Several motivations can push the user to use his Dynavap with an induction heater:

To begin with, the savings on gas and lighters are already attractive !

Moreover, since the IH takes care of heating for the user, his life will be greatly simplified :

- It is no longer necessary to concentrate while heating !

- So I can do something else at the same time !

- The heating of the plants is more homogeneous, while it is not difficult to approach the combustion with a lighter !

- It is possible to do more puffs before finishing the session !

But also:

- With an IH, the use of the Dynavap is much more discreet and practical in public and / or outside with a lighter ...

- The automatic heating without button offers an instinctive experience !

- With the glass cylinder isolating the electronics, your health and your plants are respected!

The powerful and adjustable heating of the IH 2 !

The IH TWO FTV defaults to a more powerful heater than the IH ONE and IH GO.

In fact, we found that the new The VONG and The OMNI 2021 required a slightly more powerful heater than their previous versions...

Moreover, this is also the case for the "M" versions in stainless stee l!

Thus, this IH TWO FTV is ideal for these new versions and for all stainless steel models.

However, for those who wish to reduce the heating temperature, it is possible:

The IH 2 is supplied with 3 silicone pads.

Simply insert one or more of the pellets into the heating tank to reduce the heat proportionally !

Silicone can withstand temperatures of up to 300°C, whereas the IH should not theoretically reach 230°C, the temperature at which the plants will burn.

Thus, the IH TWO offers 4 temperatures thanks to its 3 heating pads !

Differences between the IH TWO FTV and other portable IH

Although the market is opening up, there are still few mass-produced IHs and even fewer that are portable or automatic.

However, the IH TWO FTV has the following advantages :

First, it is the cheapest portable IH, although of good quality.

Indeed, some models can sometimes cost more than an Omnivap.

Secondly, it will be possible to use 4 different temperatures, for a soft to powerful experience according to the desire !

Thus, the IH2 FTV offers more flexibility and possibilities than the competition can...

Autonomy and use of the IH TWO FTV

The autonomy of the Induction Heater 2 FTV offers the possibility of making 50 puffs, even more!

Indeed, if you turn off the IH2 between each vaping session, you can increase the number of possible clicks.

Thus, the FTV IH2 offers an autonomy comparable to that of the Orion Dynatech.

To conclude, the battery charges in about 1 hour via USB-C!

1. Plug the IH2 into an electrical outlet or USB port with its USB-C charger to charge its battery. The light flashes red and then stabilizes when the battery is full!

2. Fill the DynaVap TIP with your plant and replace the CAP.

3. Place the Dynavap in the heating hole and wait for the click! Remove and inhale!

Technical specifications of the Ih Two FTV

1 year manufacturer's warranty

- 1000 mAh
- Approximately 50 clicks with aggressive heating
- More than 50 clicks with soft heating
- USB-C charge: about 90 minutes
- Dimensions: 11.5 x 8.6 x 4.3 cm
- Automatic heating activation
- Portable

Questions about the IH TWO FTV ? Do not hesitate to contact us 7 days a week at +336 51 39 54 28 !