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DaVinci IQ2 is the update of the famous DaVinci IQ portable vaporizer.

With innovations such as its glass ceramic vaporization chamber, adjustable airflow and compatibility with all types of concentrates, the IQ 2 should delight those who will use it!

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DaVinci IQ2 -Portable Vaporizer

The new DaVinci IQ2 portable vaporizer retains everything that made its big brother the IQ so successful, and features some significant improvements.

The IQ2 keeps its Android-connected application, its temperature control to the nearest degree, its zirconia ceramic elements, its removable 18650 rechargeable battery, and more...

But it also offers the possibility to modify the aiflow/fire, the ceramic of the furnace is now lined with glass, and it also comes with an accessory to vaporize concentrates!

Moreover, with the Android application we can now calculate the rate of active ingredients inhaled per puff and per vaporization session.

This should delight both therapeutic and recreational users!

Features of the DaVinci IQ2

- Vaporization of plants and concentrates
- Dosage control: Measures the active ingredients released per puff and per session.
- Control via Android application, IOS* and directly on IQ2
- Temperature control to the nearest degree
- Aiflow/adjustable draft
- Zirconia ceramic steam cooling circuit
- Air passage/Airpath isolated from electronics
- Glass ceramic vaporization chamber
- Conductive heating system
- Removable 18650 battery
- 10 year manufacturer's warranty

DaVinci IQ2 dose control

One of the innovations put forward by the manufacturer is the possibility of controling the dose of active ingredients released per puff and per session.

This feature, unique on the vaporizer market, offers great accuracy, allowing you to spray the dose you need, no more and no less!

To do this, you need to provide information on the application, the quantity and the plant sprayed, as well as the quantity of active ingredients you wish to inhale.

So, when the quantity of active ingredients is reached, the DaVinci IQ2 vaporizer will notify you so that you can stop the vaporization session!

Of course, the application also informs you about the amount of active ingredients released for each puff inhaled.

DaVinci IQ2 glass lined oven

The DaVinci IQ2 vaporizer is equipped with a ceramic glass oven.

It is a white ceramic kiln lined with a glass film to offer a better respect of the flavour of the vaporized plants.

Indeed, glass is the material which restores the aromas of the plants as faithfully as possible!

However, it is far from being as solid as metal or ceramic...

Thus, with this glass ceramic oven we obtain the solidity and the thermal reactivity of ceramic with the purity of glass!

Precise temperature control

The IQ 2 portable vaporizer is not equipped with a conventional screen, but with a LED display system.

These LEDs display the heating temperatures to the nearest degree in both Celsius and Fahrenheit, in large, easy-to-read digits.

Thus, it is possible to vaporize all types of plants with the DaVinci IQ2 and thus to practice herbal medicine or phytotherapy.

In addition, as the IQ2 is compatible with concentrates, we can also practice aromatherapy!

IQ2 and airflow control

One of the technical innovations of the IQ2 vaporizer is its aiflow control!

Indeed, this was not the case with the first IQ, and it offers even more versatility to the device.

This aiflow control is in the form of a small knob located near the ceramic spray chamber.

When we turn the knob, we can therefore reduce or increase the flow rate of inhaled air, in order to play on the volume and density of the vapor produced!

Ceramic zirconia airpath

The steam and inhalation air path and the mouthpieces of the DaVinci IQ2 vaporizer are made of zirconia.

This ceramic has the special feature of being much more resistant to thermal shock than white ceramic.

Thus, if zirconia is not suitable for designing a heating element it is ideal for a steam cooling element!

It also happens to be rather strong without equaling metal.

The zirconia Flavor Chamber is designed to be filled with herbs to flavor the steam, but it happens to effectively cool the steam even when it is empty!

The closing system of the vaporization chamber is also equipped with a zirconia ball to pack the plants well, and helps to obtain a homogeneous heating.

To conclude, we must emphasize the great freshness of the steam delivered by the IQ2, which is a feat for such a small and compact vaporizer!

DaVinci IQ2, sustainability and design

The DaVinci IQ2 works with its 51 LED display to show temperatures, battery level, and more...

This display system gives the vaporizer a decidedly urban look, in keeping with its curves and refined finish.

Its 18650 battery is removable, which allows us to double or even triple the autonomy of the device by equipping it with one or two additional batteries!

Moreover, when a vaporizer doesn't turn on anymore it is often a problem of out of order battery ...

In such a case, it would be enough to change the battery of the IQ2 to give it a second wind !

Last but not least, the IQ2 has a 10-year manufacturer's warranty.

Conclusion and innovations since the IQ

The first DaVinci IQ vaporizer was already a great success, with its gentle steam, ergonomic size, changeable battery and neat design.

But the DaVinci IQ2 goes even further, maintaining these qualities while offering some great improvements:

- Puff and session dosage control
- Furnace ceramics are now lined with glass (glass ceramics)
- Airflow/draught control
- Compatibility with the concentrates and accessories provided for this purpose

These innovations are very appreciable and significantly increase the performance of the IQ2!

The airflow control brings flexibility to the density and volume of the steam, and the dosage control should delight therapeutic users.

The steam is made even fresher and softer, perhaps thanks to the new glass ceramic vaporization chamber ...

Congratulations DaVinci!

The DaVinci IQ2 portable vaporizer kit includes :

- 1* IQ2 Dual Use Portable Vaporizer
- 1* Battery 18650
- 1* Ergonomic flat mouthpiece
- 1* Mouthpiece/connector bubbler 10 mm
- 1* Dosing capsule/pod 0,2g
- 9* Organic cotton pieces for concentrates
- 1* Stone disc for concentrates
- 1* Universal USB Charger
- 1* Turning Tool Pick Tool
- 9* Cleaning Wipes


If you have any questions about the DaVinci IQ 2, feel free to contact us 7/7 at +33651395428!

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