Bubbler Kit Mighty/Crafty - FTV


Portable Mighty/Crafty bubbler kit to filter and cool the steam in your vaporizer !

Indeed, the warmer the steam is, the more irritating it will be to the respiratory tract, which prevents us from appreciating its flavours to their full potential...

Glass bubbler supplied with its SG 14 adapter.

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FTV bubbler for Mighty with adapter

The Mighty and Crafty are by far the best portable electronic vaporizers available on the market.

However, it is appreciable to be able to modify its performance with accessories such as those we offer at French Touch Vaporizer !

Indeed, some users regret the overuse of plastic in the Mighty, and especially in the cooling unit, which is sometimes reported to us as having a lower respect for flavours than glass or stainless steel for example...

Using a bubbler to get the steam more delicious

Indeed, lengthening the steam's path before it reaches the mouth allows it to be softened in order to better appreciate its flavours.

In addition, any vegetable microparticles and tars present in the steam will be trapped in the bubbler, which is better than in your lungs !

You have the possibility to put water in the bubbler for an even more efficient filtering, but personally I prefer to use it dry because I notice a loss of taste with the water...

Bubbler delivered with its glass adapter

This bubbler kit for Crafty/Mighty is supplied with a glass adapter and its plastic finned connection compatible with the Storz and Bickel closure system !

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