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The stainless steel cooling unit for Crafty and Crafty+ is the ultimate solution to avoid plastic!

Delivered with a glass and a titanium mouthpiece, this Stainless Steel Cooling Unit offers better cooling of the steam and better respect for its flavours...

Warm up your Crafty!


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Crafty Stainless Steel Cooling Unit - FTV

French Touch Vaporizer is proud to introduce its new stainless steel steam cooling unit for the Crafty and Crafty+ vaporizers as well as for the Mighty !

Indeed, with the success of our stainless steel unit for Mighty and the recent release of the Crafty+, we had to design one other...just for you!

It's now done, don't hesitate any more and boost your Crafty with this super Crafty/Crafty+ Stainless Steel Cooling Unit!


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Optimized cooling unit !

First, the small edge of the first production series of the stainless steel unit that slightly trimmed the plastic housing of the Mighty was removed in the new production.

So there is no risk of this happening to your Crafty or Crafty+!

Thus, without this famous edge, this stainless steel cooling unit can be fitted and removed even more easily from the vaporizer while remaining perfectly in place.

Secondly, we have largely optimized the unit technically.

Indeed, the vapor cooling path has been redesigned and significantly extended compared to the original plastic unit.

It seemed essential to us that this unit offers an efficient cooling while it is smaller than the Mighty's...

The steam path therefore increases from 3.5 cm to about 11.5 cm for increased efficiency!

In addition, we have removed a lot of density from the unit to make it lighter and provide better heat dissipation.

For this reason we thinned the dissipation fins and removed them from the mass where they were not useful, such as the system for fixing the unit to the vaporizer, where it heats up the most!

Stainless steel is a healthy material for vaporization

At vaporization temperatures, stainless steel remains quite stable and is therefore perfectly suited for this purpose!

Even if Storz and Bickel plastic is of very good quality, it is wise to replace it with a more noble material such as stainless steel.

Indeed, it is a more neutral material that offers a much better respect for the flavors of your plants!

However, stainless steel is heavier but as we told you above, we have removed a lot of density to minimize the problem!

Crafty+ Titanium mouthpiece - FTV

As for the stainless steel unit for Mighty, a titanium mouthpiece for Crafty/Crafty+/Mighty is included in this complete package!

Titanium is an even more interesting material than steel because it heats and cools more quickly, as it is less dense.

Thus, this Titanium mouthpiece will always remain cold in the mouth even when the cooling unit is hot!

It should be noted that Titanium is a stable and clean material that respects your health.

Glass mouthpiece - FTV

Still as generous as ever, FTV has included in this pack a glass mouthpiece, already well known to users for its great aromatic quality.

Glass is of course healthy in terms of vaporization, but it is still quite fragile...

However, it remains the most neutral material and therefore the most respectful of the flavours released by steam!

In addition, the condensation of steam created on its surface seems to provide a feeling of humidity and smoothness, which is very pleasant.

However, it should be noted that glass is of low thermal conductivity, so it takes some time to heat but also to cool....

Thus, although more respectful of the aromas of plants, the glass will make a less efficient cooling than Titanium!

Finally, whether you prefer glass or titanium, you will be satisfied with this great complete pack!

Highly optimized steam path

In order to maintain the efficiency of the original cooling unit, French Touch Vaporizer has completely redesigned the steam path for greater performance.

It turns out that the challenge was harder for us than when we designed our stainless steel cooling unit for Mighty...

Indeed, the Crafty+ one being smaller, we had fewer cooling options...

The solution was to extend the steam path as long as possible!

Two circuits with stops

The distance between the inlet and outlet of the unit is about 3.5 cm....

However, the double circuit with stops that the steam travels is about 11.5 cm long!

By being split in two and hitting the stops of this long course, the cooling is devilishly effective!

Less stainless steel for more dissipation

Under the wise advice of our engineer, we decided to remove as much density as possible from this unit in order to facilitate heat dissipation.

So we have refined all the dissipation fins, which makes them more efficient!

In addition, we have removed mass in some areas such as the junction with the vaporizer.

Thus, with less density in the stainless steel cooling unit, it dissipates heat better and is lighter!

Be careful, however, because despite these optimizations, stainless steel remains heavier than plastic and will always end up heating to the great regret of lovers of long spraying sessions....

For those who do correct sessions of about 5 minutes, Stainless Steel will not have time to heat to an unpleasant point.

A generous pack

French Touch Vaporizer spoils you with this very complete pack.

Indeed, the two mouthpieces provided are already worth 37.5 euros!

- 1* Crafty/Crafty+ Stainless Steel Cooling Unit
- 1* Glass mouthpiece
- 1* Titanium mouthpiece
- 5* Sealing rings
- 5* Stainless Steel Crafty Grates

All delivered in a nice FTV box!

To conclude

Crafty/Crafty+ Stainless Steel Cooling Unit is the ultimate alternative to plastic for steam cooling!

Perfectly suited for standard duration vaporization sessions, the steam it delivers remains very pleasant and delicious even with longer sessions.

On the other hand, the Titanium mouthpiece always stays fresh in the mouth for more comfort!

French Touch Vaporizer has hit again with this exclusive accessory for Crafty/Crafty+ effective and well thought out!