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IH ONE FTV is the latest novelty of this end of summer 2020 from French Touch Vaporizer !

It is a Dynavap induction heater to use with the Dynavap vaporizers.

IH ONE FTV is compatible with all Dynavap vaporizers without using a lighter and benefits from a more homogeneous heating !

With the IH ONE FTV, maximize the performances of your Dynavap vaporizer and push the combustion even further !

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IH ONE FTV - Dynavap Induction Heater - French Touch Vaporizer

The IH ONE FTV induction heater is the new mains powered Dynavap induction heater for the famous VapCap Dynavap !

After a beautiful series of accessories for the Mighty/Crafty with nobler and healthier materials, French Touch Vaporizer launches Dynavap accessories !

Thus, we are very proud to present you the cheapest Dynavap induction heater on the market !

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IH ONE: Induction Heater Dynavap quality at unbeatable price !

Indeed, with its price at 79€, the IH ONE French Touch Vaporizer hurts the competition and ranks as the cheapest Dynavap induction driver on the market !

However, please note that its quality and its efficiency have nothing to envy to other induction heaters.

You will notice its ease of use and its good grip from the very first puffs...

It is true that for those who only know the Dynavap with a lighter, the vaporization experience will be quite different !

That is to say that we will be able to chain the puffs with ease, while benefiting from a more homogeneous cooking of the plants.

Needless to say that the combustion will be impossible if you respect the Dynavap's "click" sound system !

Advantages of the Induction Heater IH ONE FTV ?

There are therefore several reasons that could justify the acquisition of a IH ONE FTV.

The most obvious are related to the fact that you do not need a lighter:

- As the IH ONE manages the heating for me, I can concentrate on other activities, such as watching TV or chatting with my friends.

- I could greatly reduce or even forget my gas/lighter budget.

- A cooking of the plants much more homogeneous and without "black spots" as we sometimes have with the lighter.

-The possibility to make more puffs while pushing back the combustion (as long as you respect the "click" control system)

Differences between IH ONE FTV and DynaTec Apollo 2

These two induction heaters are designed in a similar way, with materials of equivalent quality.

However, the IH ONE FTV is still about 50€ cheaper, which promises a bright future on the market !

We also have to point out a certain difference in the way of heating the IH ONE compared to the Apollo 2.

Indeed, the IH ONE FTV is designed to heat a little less than its competitor, which is in our opinion an advantage.

It's true that the one who can do the least can do the most...

So, the more puffs we take, the more heat the Dynavap will accumulate in it and the heating temperature will inevitably rise.

We can therefore first enjoy the aromas of our plants with a gentle steam to gradually obtain large clouds of very hot vapor !
Nevertheless, it will still be possible to obtain a big cloud at the first puff, by letting the Dynavap heat up one or two seconds after the "click".

So we will have more possibilities with the IH ONE FTV than with the Apollo 2, which, let's remember, tends to extract the plant bowl very quickly in only a few big puffs.

How the IH ONE FTV French Touch Vaporizer works

1. Connect the electric charger behind the IH ONE and press the power button to turn it on. The LED indicators will light up and confirm the power supply.

2. Garnish your DynaVap with your plants and put the CAP back in place.
Then place the dynavap in the IH ONE hole and press the silicone button at the bottom.

3. Wait until you hear the Dynavap sound signal (remove with "click" or "clack" depending on the desired power) to remove the Dynavap and inhale the vapor. Also wait for the second "clic-clac" before repeating the operation as desired.

An average session can last about 5 cycles (depending on the quality of your plants) but I personally do at least double that!

Don't forget that a Dynavap makes much more vapor when it is already hot than when it is still cold...

And be careful not to wait too long after the "clic-clac" signal to remove the Dynavap from the IH ONE, at the risk of seeing the combustion happen!

1 year manufacturer's warranty

Questions about IH ONE FTV? Do not hesitate to contact us 7j/7 at +336 51 39 54 28