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IH GO FTV Auto/Portable Induction Heater is our third Induction project for Dynavap !

Automatic and portable like its colleague the IH2, wich means without activation button and wireless !

Moreover, a storage space integrated in its chassis allows you to insert your vaporizer.

Choosing the IH GO means choosing performance, solidity and portability at an unbeatable price.


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IH GO FTV - Dynavap Auto/Portable Induction Heater

IH GO FTV is our latest French Touch Vaporizer Induction Heater, which works with a Dynavap !

As usual, this IH offers us the possibility to heat our vaporizer by emancipating us from the lighter.

Moreover, the cooking of the plants is more homogeneous and fast, but also more discreet!

Like the IH2, the IH GO is portable and automatic...

That is to say that it works without activation button and wirelessly thanks to its internal 1000 mAh battery rechargeable by USB-C!

Another quality of the device, a compartment integrated in its aluminium chassis allows you to store your Dynavap ( M and Omnivap, but incompatible with the XL)!

Finally, the format of the IH GO is reduced compared to the IH1 and IH2, with about 1cm less width and thickness.


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IH GO portable and robust IH !

This means that the IH GO FTV works without power and can be used on the move, indoors or outdoors.

Speaking of traveling, note that the use of an IHGO is much more civilized in public than the use of a lighter !

Moreover, heating with the IH does not require manual technique and does not require too much concentration on the part of the user.

This way, the result will be more homogeneous and you will make more puffs before seeing the plant roasting in the Dynavap.

Finally, the brushed aluminum frame is durable over time and includes storage for your vaporizer !

IH GO Induction Heater automatic without button

The IH GO is an inductor that works automatically, i.e. without an activation button.

So there is no need to apply pressure with the Dynavap at the bottom of the heating vessel!

Indeed, the IH GO FTV detects the presence of the vaporizer and triggers the heating!

All that remains is to remove the vaporizer from the inductor when the click is heard.

The advantages of an Induction Heater FTV

An FTV IH brings several advantages to the use of the Dynavap.

For example, the fact that the user does not need to use manual heating technique or a lighter:

- I can heat my Dynavap without concentrating on it, and therefore do something else at the same time.

- I can drastically reduce my lighter and gas budget!

But most of all a more efficient use :

- The cooking of the plants is much more homogeneous than with the lighter (with which it is easy to "toast" the plants prematurely).

- And thus the possibility to get more puffs before this grill arrives, to make longer sessions !

Now with the IH GO Auto/Portable, we can now say too :

- The heating of the Dynavap is much more discreet and social with the help of an IH during our outings and travels.

- The buttonless automatic heater provides a more convenient and intuitive use!

Comparison of the GO FTV IH with other auto-portable IHs

Primarily designed to be portable and automatic, the IH GO is also built to last.

Indeed, its brushed aluminum chassis will prove to be resistant over time.

Moreover, the absence of an activation button means that it can no longer stand still as it sometimes does !

The presence of an integrated storage for your Dynavap ("M" or standard size Omnivap) is also a great asset.

Unfortunately, the XL, Nona and Hydra sizes won't fit in it ...

Like all of our FTV inductors, the IH GO is set up to heat your plants to a suitable temperature.

Indeed, some heaters can heat up harder and quickly lead the plant to combustion ...

In such a case, it's difficult to reduce it.

On the other hand, the opposite is possible with an FTV IH: just leave the Dynavap 2 or 3 seconds after the click to have a more aggressive heating !

Finally, it is also smaller than our other HIs, for about 1 cm less width, length and thickness.

Use and autonomy of the IH GO FTV :

The autonomy of our IH GO allows up to 50 clicks per full charge.

This estimate varies according to the heating time of your Dynavap (stainless steel or Tintane) and according to whether you turn off the IH GO between two uses for example.

Allow about two hours to recharge the internal 3000mAh battery !

1 Connect the power supply through the USB-C connector of the GO HI to charge the battery. The red LED will stabilize when the battery is full.

2. Fill the Tip of your Dynavap with your plants, then replace the Cap.

3. Place the Dynavap in the heating tank until you hear the click! Remove and vaporize !

1 year manufacturer's warranty.
Dimensions: 11 x 7 x 3.1 cm

Battery: 1000mHa

30-50 puffs

Questions about IH GO FTV? Do not hesitate to contact us 7d/7 at +33 6 51 39 54 28 !